Watch Lewis Hamilton in the car of his lifetime in the BMW M8 …

Watch Lewis Hamilton in the car of his lifetime in the BMW M8…

The season has come to an end, and the standings are now settled. Now, it is time to focus on the fight for the title. The season was not easy for the teams, but the fight was always fair and fair. The main contenders for the victory were:
* Mercedes;
* Ferrari;
• Williams.
The team of Nico Rosberg has been the main contender for the championship for several years now. It is clear that the team will be able to defend its title in the future, but it is also clear that it will be very difficult to do it. The team is not very strong in the championship, and it is clear how difficult it will try to win the title, because it is not able to do this alone.

The main competitors of Mercedes are the Williams and the Ferrari. Both teams have a good chance to win, but they have a serious disadvantage: the lack of a good driver. The Williams is a good team, but its driver is not the best. The Ferrari is also a good and strong team, and its driver, Sebastian Vettel, is one of the best in the world.
It is clear now that the main contenders of the title fight are:
1. Nico Rossel.
2. Vettel.
3. Hamilton.
4. Perez.
5. Webber.
6. Massa.
7. Sainz.
8. Bottas.
9. Alonso.
10. Sutil.
11. Raikonn.
12. Massa’s team.
13. Sauber.
14. McLaren.
15. Toro Rosso.
16. Williams.

The M8 will be a new challenge for the team, because the driver of the team is always ready to do his best.
In the championship of the world, the teams have to be aware of the fact that the season is long, and many of them will be fighting for the win. It has now become much easier to follow the results of the championship on the sports statistics website.
This season, the M8 was the best-performing car in the race. The M8 has the fastest race lap time, and this is a result of the excellent performance of the driver. It was also clear for a long time that the M7 was not the strongest of the teams. However, the team of Jenson Button has been quite successful in the last season, and now it is obvious that the future of the M9 is bright.
There are several reasons for this.
1 – The team has a good lineup.
All the main competitors have a decent lineup, and they are ready to fight for victory.
At the same time, the main competitor of the Williams is the Ferrari, which is quite strong.
Also, the fact is that the Williams has a driver who is not always the best, and sometimes he is not even the best of the competitors.
However, the future is bright for the M10, because there is a clear leader in the team. The driver of this team is Lewis Hamilton, who is the best Formula 1 driver of all time.
He is able to decide the fate of the race, and he has a great chance to do so.
You can follow the development of the fight between the teams on the website of sports statistics. It provides the latest information from all over the world on a regular basis.
Lewis Hamilton in M8
The championship of Formula 1 is quite long, but in the end, the fight will be decided by the performance of a single car. The last season was quite successful for the Williams, and we can see that it is ready to defend the title in future.
On the other hand, the competitors of the Ferrari are quite weak. The problem is that they have no good driver, so they have to rely on the performance and skill of the drivers.
Now, the situation is not so bad for the McLaren, because its lineup is quite good. The new driver, Jenson Robson, is able not only to improve the performance, but also to make a good impression on the team leaders.
Another team that is ready for the fight is the Toro Rosse, because this team has the best driver in the history of the sport, Nico Hulkenberg.
Of course, the other teams are not so strong, but this is not a problem, because they have good drivers. The situation is quite stable, and you can follow it on the site of sports statistical.
Who will be the main winner of the season?
The fight for victories in the season of the F1 is quite interesting. The teams have several advantages, which can help them to win.
First, the drivers have to make good decisions in the middle of the track. This is especially important for the leaders, because in the long run, they will have to fight against the competitors for the victories.
Secondly, the race distance is quite short. This will allow the competitors to make quick changes in the field.
Thirdly, the performance is quite high. This means that the competitors can make quick adjustments to the race track.
If you look at the results, you can see how the season has ended.

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