Transfers: ‘Pogba wants to join Juventus’

The summer transfer campaign has already brought a lot of interesting news for the fans. The main transfer of the summer was the acquisition of Cristiano Ronaldo from Juventus. The Portuguese has already managed to score a lot in the national team, and now he is ready to join the club that already has a good squad.
The transfer of Ronaldo has already been announced by the Portuguese media, and it is already clear that the transfer will be a good one for the club. The player will be able to play in the attacking line of the team, which is already a good choice for the team. The club already has several good players in the team:
* Antoine Griezmann;
* Diogo Dalot;
• Kevin-Prince Boateng;
These players have already proved that they are able to score goals in the Premier League.
In the summer, Juventus also signed the young player of the Portuguese national team: Diogo Jota. The young player has already showed his potential, and he has already become a good option for the coach.

The team has already started to play with the new players, and the fans can already see the results of this. The team has a very good start in the Champions League, and they have already managed a good result. The previous season, Juventus had a very difficult time in the tournament, but they managed to win the championship.
It is clear that this season, the team will try to win a third of the tournament. This is a good start for the new season, and Juventus will try their best to achieve this.
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Main transfers of the season
The main transfer that happened in the summer of 2016 is the acquisition by Juventus of Cristian Pavon. The transfer is a great success for the Italian club, because the player has managed to become a key player for the squad. The new player of Juventus has already scored a lot for the national side, and this is a clear sign that the player is ready for the main club of Italy.
Pavon is a player that can be considered as a good addition to the squad of the club, and many fans are already looking forward to the upcoming season. The following factors will determine the success of the new player:
1. Good selection of the attacking players. The squad of Juventus already has good players on the field, and Pavon will be one of them.
2. Motivation. The players of the Italian national team have already shown that they will do their best, and there is a high probability that the new transfer will have a positive effect on the team’s results.
3. Competence of the coach of the main team. It is clear from the start that the coach has a high level of motivation, and his team is ready at all times to play.
All these factors will be the main factors that will decide the success or failure of the transfer.
Team’stopper’ in the new year
The new season of the Champions league is already in full swing, and fans are looking forward for a lot. The teams are playing against each other for a place in the next stage of the competition. The first matches have already demonstrated that the level of the teams is very high, and a lot will depend on the result of the matches that will be held in the future.
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New season of Champions League
The first matches of the second round of the Europa League have already ended, and here the teams played against each another. The matches were very tense, and several goals were scored. The fans can always see the news about the results, and their attention is paid to the Champions tournament.
This year, the teams have a lot to do, because they have to play against the teams from the top 4. The competition is really intense, and each match is very important. The winner of the first round will be considered for the next round, and then the teams will play against each others in the Europa league.
There are a lot new players in each team, so it is very difficult to find the best team. Fans can always keep track of the results in the website that provides the latest information about the matches of their favorite teams.
Latest results of the games of the top teams
The season of football is very busy, and every match is important. It has already happened several times that the teams lost points in the first matches, and in the second rounds they lost points again. This can be seen in the results that are presented on the site of sports analytics.
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