Bayern Munich CEO Rummenigge: Cavani not an option!

The transfer market has become a real competition, and many clubs have already managed to sign the desired players. One of the most interesting transfers is that of Cavani from Juventus to Manchester United. The Argentinean player has become the main protagonist of the club and has already managed not to lose points in the Premier League. The transfer of the player is not the only one that has been made, as the club has also managed to get the services of the young goalkeeper David de Gea from Real Madrid.

The club has already signed the young striker Alexis Sanchez from Arsenal, who will join the team in the summer. The new signing will be able to provide the team with a new attacking option.
However, the main thing for the team is the acquisition of the main star of the Old Trafford, Cristiano Ronaldo. The Portuguese player has already become the best scorer of the Champions League and has managed to become the leader of the Portuguese national team. The player has managed not only to become a top-3 scorer of all the competitions, but also to score more than 100 goals.
The Portuguese player will be the main player of the team, but the club also has a number of interesting acquisitions. The main one is the signing of the goalkeeper, who is a real sensation for the club.
It is worth noting that the club will have to spend a lot of money to get Cristiano, as he is worth around $100 million. The club will also have to pay a large sum for the transfer of Neymar, who has already been signed by the club for a fee of $80 million.
Will the team be able not only for the acquisition, but for the development of the new star player?
Will Manchester United be able for the next season to compete for the Champions Cup?
The team has already started the season well, but it is still far from the desired level. The players of the Red Devils have not been able to demonstrate their maximum in the domestic arena, and the team has not managed to win the Champions’ Cup.
This year, the team will face the main rival of the English Premier League, Chelsea, which is led by Jose Mourinho. The team has a very good lineup, which can be called a real surprise for the fans.
Manchester United is one of the best teams in the world, and it is ready to compete with the leaders of the Premier league.
Main Transfer Targets of Manchester United
The main transfer targets of the Manchester United are:
1. Cristiano. The signing of Cristiano will be a real statement of the desire of the management to get rid of the Italian player. The cost of the transfer is not so high, and this will allow the club to spend money on other players.
2. Neymar. The Brazilian player is a true sensation, and he will definitely be a great addition to the lineup of the Mancunians. The price of the signing is also not so expensive.
3. Alexis Sanchez. The young player from Arsenal has already demonstrated his ability, and now the club needs to find a suitable partner for him.
4. De Gea. The goalkeeper has already proved himself, and his signing will allow to strengthen the defense.
5. Wayne Rooney. The striker has already scored a lot, and will definitely help the team to score goals. The costs of the transfers are not so important, and they will allow Manchester United to spend more on the club’s development.
What Will Become of Cristian Ronaldo?
This season, the Portuguese player managed to score a lot in the Champions’ Cup, and that is a good thing for him, but he is not able to win gold medals.
Cristiano has already said that he wants to win a trophy, and if the club does not manage to get it, then he will leave the club, as it is clear that he is no longer able to play in the best league of the planet.
In the next year, Manchester United will face a real struggle for the title, and Ronaldo will definitely not be able, as a result, to win it.
Fans can always follow the results of the game of the leaders on the website of sports statistics. The information is updated in real time, and you will always be aware of the latest news.
Latest Results of the Season of the European Football
The season of the EPL has already ended, and there has been a lot to talk about. The English Premier league has already shown its strength, as many teams managed to achieve the desired result.
One of the teams that managed to do it is Manchester United, which managed to finish in the top-4 of the league. The Red Devils had a very successful season, and managed to keep their place in the elite.
Of course, it is not a surprise that the team managed to reach the Champions league final, but they lost to Juventus in the final.
Despite the fact that the final score of the match was 2:1, the fans were not satisfied with the result. The fans of the United wanted to see the victory of the Turines, but this time the team was not able.
Many people have already criticized the performance of the players of Juventus, but most of them were not able even to get into the top 4.

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