Arsenal has landed in United States for pre-season tour.

Arsenal has landed in United States for pre-season tour. The club has already started the tour and will play against the following teams:
* Real Madrid;
* Barcelona;
* Manchester City.
The tour will last for 5 months, and the first games will be held in the United States. The first matches will be played against the teams from the Premier League. The following teams will participate in the matches:
1. Manchester United;
2. Liverpool;
3. Chelsea;
4. Arsenal.
All the teams will play in the English Premier League, so the fans can expect to see the best players of the Premier league.
You can follow the results of the matches on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the latest information about the matches of the teams and players.

The English Premier league is the most popular championship in the world. It is also the most expensive championship, so it is very important for the clubs to win the title. Manchester City is the main favorite of the English championship. The team is considered to be the best in the country for several years in a row.
In the last season, the team won the title for the third time in arow. The previous two years it was won by Josep Guardiola’s team. The main goal of the team is to win gold medals once again.
English Premier league table
The team has a lot of problems in the domestic arena. In the last three seasons, the club lost a lot, which is reflected in the table of the standings. The table of English Premier table is not so impressive. Manchester united, which has a good squad, is in the second position.
This season, Manchester City has a very good chance to win a place in the Champions League zone. The Citizens have a very strong squad, which can easily win the championship.
Team’s chances of winning the champion title
The main goal for the team this season is to finish in the top-4. The current position in the standings is a result of the fact that the team has not played in the Europa League for a long time.
Manchester City has an excellent lineup, which allows the team to play in all the competitions. The players have a good understanding with each other, which helps them to achieve the desired result.
It is worth noting that the Citizens have already won the champion’ title in the previous season. The last time they lost the title was in 2004. The reason for the failure of the club in the last time was the failure to sign a good goalkeeper.
However, the goalkeeper is not the only problem for the Citizens. The squad has a number of problems, too. The most important of them is the lack of motivation. The fans and the club leaders do not want to win trophies, so they do not show the maximum.
But the team does not have a chance to lose the champion’s title, because the main rival is very strong. The situation is even worse for Manchester United. The Red Devils have a really bad season, which they have not managed to improve in the next season.
Live results of Manchester United
The club has not won the championship for a whole year. The problem is not only the lack motivation. There is also a serious problem with the results. The results of matches are not so good.
Now, the situation is much worse for the club. The leaders have already left the team. They are:
· Jose Mourinho;
·Juan Mata;
· Anthony Martial.
These players are not able to play for the main club in England. They have already started to play at the second team.
Jose Mourinho’ s departure from the position of the head coach of the Portuguese team is a good news for the fans. The Portuguese coach has a great experience in the football world, so he can help the team in the future.
Juan “Mata” Mata’
“Mate” is a player who has already become a legend of the Spanish team. He was the main star of the famous team Real Madrid. He has a fantastic career, which he has won a lot. He won the Champions title in 2002, and he also won the Spanish Cup.
‘’Madrid’’ has a new coach, and it is Jose Mourinho. The coach of “Real”’ is a fan of ‘”Mata”’. He wants to get rid of the legendary player. He is trying to get him to play with the team from the second club.
If the team of Mourinho fails to win titles, then the club will have a serious crisis. The Spanish team is one of the main favorites of the championship, and Mourinho”s team is not a good choice for the coach of such a team. It will be very difficult to get the best out of the players of ”Real’ “Madrid.
Madrid is a very serious rival of the “Barcelona”. The Catalans have a great coach, who is able to get a lot out of them.
Main rivals of „Barcelona”
The Spanish team has many rivals.

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