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The new season of the Spanish La Liga has started and the favorites of the championship are the team of Real Madrid. The team has already won the Champions League, and the fans are waiting for the next triumph.
This summer, the club spent a lot of money on the acquisition of the best players. Among the most important transfers were:
* Karim Benzema;
* Sergio Ramos;
* Marcelo.
In addition, the team also bought:
• Cristiano Ronaldo;
• Gareth Bale;
· Karim Bellarabi;
and many others.
All of them are playing for the team, and they are able to decide the fate of the match.
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The main goal of the new season is to win the title of the champion of Spain. The main contenders for the title are:
1. Real Madrid;
2. Barcelona;
3. Atletico.
However, the main favorite of the season is Real Madrid, because of the following reasons:
· Excellent lineup;
● Good teamwork;
The team of Cristiano has already reached the Champions Cup final, but the fans of Madrid are not satisfied with the result.
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New season of La Liga
The season of Spanish La liga is in full swing. The teams are fighting for the championship of Spain, and there are no less than 11 matches ahead.
Of course, Real Madrid is the main contender for the champion title. The club has already achieved the victory in the Champions cup, and now it is ready to fight for the gold medals.
Atletico is also a contender for gold medals, but it is not as strong as Real Madrid and Barcelona. The Spanish championship is a real struggle for the victory, and it is very important to follow all the results.
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Most interesting confrontations are held in the matches between:
● Barcelona; and
● Real Madrid
The first team has a great opportunity to win gold medals of the most prestigious club tournament in the world, the Champions trophy. The current season is very busy, and many important confrontations will be held.
Barcelona has a very strong lineup, which is able to fight against Real Madrid in the fight for gold cups. The previous season, the Catalans lost the fight to the Royal club, and fans are not happy with the results and the results are not good.
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Current situation of the struggle for gold
The current season of Champions trophy is very interesting, because the main contenders of the title include:
Real Madrid; and,
Both teams are very strong, and their lineup is very impressive. However, the current season has not been successful for the Catalonians, because they lost the struggle to the team from the Royal Club.
Fans are waiting with great interest for the results from the confrontation, because it will be the last one.
Main contenders for gold:
If the current campaign of the Royal team of Madrid is not successful, then the fans will not be satisfied with its results. The Catalonias are ready to play for the Champions title, and if they win it, they will be able to get into the top 4 of the world football. The last season of Real was not successful for them, and a lot can change in the near future.
Teams’ standings
The teams’ positions in the standings of the La ligue 1 are as follows:
celona – 9th;
Barakaldo – 10th; and Real – 11th.
Real is the leader of the standings, but Barcelona is stronger than the team. The Champions trophy will be won by the team that has the best lineup and the best teamwork.
Team’s chances of winning the title
The Catalonas are not in the best shape, but they have a good lineup, and even the outsiders of the fight are not able to stop them. The following factors can help the team to win:
➡ Great teamwork; and
⡢ A good lineup.
Many people think that the team has problems with the lineup, but this is not true. The players have a great teamwork, and everyone knows the position of the other players.
There is no doubt that the Catalonian lineup is the best in the history of the tournament.

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