Leicester 4th top scorer of all time celebrates his 34th birthday …

Leicester 4th top scorer of all time celebrates his 34th birthday…

The season of the Premier League has come to an end. Leicester City has won the title for the second time in a row. The previous time it happened, the club won the trophy with the score of 4:0.

The team of Claudio Ranieri has already managed to win the champion title for three years in a single season. This time, the team has a good chance to win it for the fourth time.
The club has a number of strong players who have already managed the title before. Among them are:
* Riyad Mahrez;
* Jamie Vardy;
* Wes Morgan;
* Jamie Vito.
It is also worth noting that Leicester has already won the English Premier League for the third time in the past four years.
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Leicester 4th Top Scorer of All Time
The Leicester City team has managed to achieve a lot in the last few years. It won the champion’s title for a third time. The team has also won the FA Cup and the League Cup.
However, the main achievement of the club is the fact that it has managed not to lose the champion’s title. This is a good result for the team.
In the current season, the players of the team have a good opportunity to win gold medals again. The main problem for the club was the fact, that it was not able to win any trophies in the transfer market.
This is why the team was not so successful in the domestic championship. However, in the international arena, the Leicester City became a real force.
At the end of the season, Riyad, Jamie and Wes have managed to score the most goals. This fact is not surprising, because the players are very confident and show a lot of skills.
They are the main stars of the Leicester team. They are able to score goals even from the first round. The club has already shown this in the previous season.
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Live Results of Leicester City Matches
The current season has already demonstrated that the Leicester club has good chances to win another champion’s trophy. The current team has already achieved a lot, so it is not difficult to achieve even more.
One of the main problems of the current team is the lack of motivation. The players are too busy with the Champions League and the Premier league, so they do not show their best game.
As a result, the current Leicester team has not managed to get the champion trophy for a long time. However it is still possible to achieve this, because there is still time. It is enough to win in the next season. The next season, Leicester will have to play in the Europa League.
If the team manages to win this tournament, it will be a real achievement. The Europa League is one of the most prestigious tournaments of the European football.
After the first rounds, the Europa league results are not so important for the clubs. However the results in the Champions league are very important.
Now, the teams have to do their best to get into the top 4. It will be very difficult for Leicester to get a place in the top-4, because it is a very strong team. It has a great number of stars, who can decide the fate of the match in a flash.
There is still a lot to do, but the current results of Leicester can be considered a real success.
Main Favorites of the Next Season
The main goal of the next year will be to get to the Champions’ League zone. The problem is that the current club has not been able to achieve the desired result for a very long time, so the team will have a hard time in this tournament.
Leicester has a lot more chances to get in the zone, because now it has a new coach. The coach is the Italian Paulo Fonseca. He managed to take the team to the Europa zone, so he is a real expert in this field.
Fonsecas’ team is one the main favorites of the tournament. It includes:
1. Great selection of players.
2. Great teamwork.
3. Great experience of the players. They have already won a lot.
4. Great motivation of the coach.
5. Good stadium.
6. Good infrastructure.
7. Good coaching staff.
8. Good medical care.
9. Good motivation of players, which is a guarantee for the success.
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Latest Results of the Season
In this season, there were a lot changes in the team of Leicester. The most important of them is the departure of Riyad. The player has already played for the main team for a number years. He has managed the club for a few years, so this is a big loss for the fans.

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