Juventus ready to let go Douglas Costa.

The player has been in excellent form for the Bianco-Neri for a long time. He scored a lot of goals and was one of the main leaders of the team. He is a player who can make the difference in any match, so he is a great addition to any team.
However, the club is ready to sell the player, so it will be very easy to get a good player for the club.

The transfer window is approaching, so the fans can expect a lot from the club and its players.
All the latest news on the sports world
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In the current season, Juventus has been quite successful. The team won the Serie A and the Champions League.
This season, the team has a new coach. Antonio Conte, who was the head coach of the Italian national team for several years, has been appointed to the position of head coach.
Conte has a good experience in the Italian championship. He managed to win the championship of the country in the previous season. He also won the Coppa Italia.
He has a lot to do, so we can expect great results from the team in the coming season.
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Will the team of Conte be able to repeat its success?
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Juventus has a long history of winning the Serie a. The club has won the title for a number of years. It is also one of Italy’s strongest.
It has been the team’ performance in the Champions league that has attracted the attention of the fans. The Bianco Neri has been a favorite of the previous seasons. The players have been able to show their maximum, and the team managed to finish in the top-4.
If the team is able to do the same this time, it will become a real sensation.
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Latest news on sports events
The season of the Champions is coming to an end. It was a tough struggle for the gold medals, but the team from Turin managed to get there.
During the tournament, the fans were able to watch the performance of the players. The attention of fans was focused on the team, because it was the first to finish the tournament in the first position.
Among the main favorites of the tournament were:
* Juventus;
* Napoli;
* Atalanta;
* Inter.
These clubs are considered to be the main contenders for the title. The fans were interested in the results, because they were able not only to see the performance, but also to learn about the future of the teams. It became much easier to follow these events thanks to the website that provides the latest and reliable information. It offers the latest scores, as the following events took place during the tournament:
1. The match between Napoli and Manchester United.
2. The game between Liverpool and Manchester City.
3. The meeting between Chelsea and Arsenal.
4. The confrontation between Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham.
5. The victory of Chelsea over Liverpool.
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What to expect from the new coach
Concerns about the coaching position of Antonio Conmebol have been increasing for a while. The current season has shown that the club needs to make some changes.
One of the candidates for the position is the current head coach Antonio Conca. He has a number on his head that is very high. He was the coach of Juventus for several seasons.
His experience in Italy is very good. He won the Italian Cup and the Super Cup. He led the team to the Champions Cup final, where the team lost to Real Madrid.
At the same time, the coach has a successful career in the Spanish national team. In the national team, he managed to achieve a good result. He played for the national teams of Spain, Italy, England, and Germany.
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Main favorites of this season
The new season of Serie A has come to an ending. The season has been very eventful, because the main competitors of Juventus were: Napoli, Atalante, Inter, and Torino.
We can say that the season was very successful for the team that managed to reach the Champions final. The performance of Conca’ team was good, too.
Many fans were disappointed by the results. Many of the leaders were not able to perform to the maximum. However, the players managed to show good results in the matches against the main rivals.
There is a lot that can be expected from the coach Antonio. He will have to work on the main problems of the squad.

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