Gazzetta: Juventus have turned down lucrative deals for Douglas Costa!

The Portuguese midfielder has been a constant in the lineup of Juventus since the start of the season. The Bianco-Neri have already signed the talented midfielder for a fee of around €35 million.
The club also managed to sign the young player for a relatively low fee. The young player is the son of former Manchester United player, and he is also a direct descendant of the legendary Cristiano Ronaldo.
However, the club has not signed the player for the long-term, so the transfer will be made in the near future.

The player has already started to impress the fans with his attacking football. The club has already managed to score a lot of points in Serie A, and the club will surely not stop there.
This summer, the team has already signed several players who can help them in the long run. The main player of the new signings is the young midfielder, who is called Gattuso.
In the future, the player will have to prove himself in the starting lineup of the team, so he will need to prove his worth.
Gattusou is a versatile player, who can play on both the left and the right side of the field. The player has a good technique, and can also be used as a forward.
He has already shown himself in a variety of positions, and it is possible that he will be able to become a key player of Juventus.
Will the club be able not to miss the Champions League?
The team has a long tournament distance ahead, and they will need all their strength to be able win the coveted trophy.
Recently, the Bianco Neri have been performing very well in Serie a, and have managed to win the championship for the third time in a row. The team is now in the strongest position in the Serie a table, and will surely be able defend their title.
It is also worth noting that the team is in a good shape, and has only a few matches to play. The players will have a lot to do, and this will be their main task.
If the team can successfully defend its title, then it will be possible to enter the Champions league for the first time in the club’s history.
How the club can improve its position in Serie b?
Juventus is in the middle of the Serie b table, but the team still needs to improve its results. The problem is that the club does not have a good selection of players in the squad.
Moreover, the players are not in the best condition, so they need to do their best in each match.
For this, the coach has to use the transfer market, and make the most of the opportunities that are presented to him.
One of the main players that Juventus can buy is the midfielder, which can help the team to improve their position in this tournament.
Juve has already made a number of transfers, and Gattiso is one of them. The midfielder is a good choice, because he is a direct competitor of the player who has already joined the team.
Another player that the coach can buy for the club is the goalkeeper, who has been injured for a long time. The goalkeeper is a young player, but he is already a good goalkeeper.
After the injury, the goalkeeper managed to return to the field, and is now able to help the club in the Championsleague.
There is a high probability that the goalkeeper will be the main player in the team that will enter the next stage of the tournament. The coach has already bought a number players, and now it is up to him to decide who will join the team in the future.
Will Cristiano leave Juventus?
This is the main question that the fans are waiting for. The answer to this question will decide whether the club stays in the elite division or will join a lower division.
Cristiano Ronaldo is the most obvious candidate for the team’s departure. The Portuguese player has been playing for Juventus for several years now, and his contract with the club runs until 2020.
Many experts believe that the Portuguese player will leave the club, and Juventus will be forced to sell him. However, the Portuguese will not be able leave the team for a number reasons.
First of all, the contract with Ronaldo is very lucrative, and there is a possibility that the player can leave the Portuguese club for a higher one.
Secondly, the fans of the club are not happy with the results of the Portuguese. The fans have already started a campaign against the player, because they feel that the players do not show their best football.
At the moment, the situation is not very serious, but it is still possible that the situation will change in the next season.
All the latest news on Juventus
The situation with Cristiano is very serious. The situation with the player is not good, and many experts believe it is not going to improve in the nearest future. The reasons for this are:
1. Lack of motivation. The Juventus fans are not satisfied with the current results of their team. The lack of motivation is obvious, because the fans want to see the best football of the players.
2. Lack on form of the leaders. The leaders of the Bianconeri are not performing at their best, and sometimes they are not even able to show their maximum.

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